Processing of Grains


BSBIOS in Passo Fundo holds an industrial unit, which has capacity to process soybean from the producer and change it into soybean bran, biodiesel, degummed oil and its by-products. It can process 3,2000 tons of soybean per day, producing soybean bran and degummed oil.

Both production units have the same technology the American Crown Iron Works has, making it feasible to produce high quality products and the control of the integrated process in all stages. Technology and projects are from Crown Iron Works, but the whole manufacture, assembling and accomplishment of the project were fulfilled by gaúcha Intecnial S/A, which is located in Erechim.

The other equipment, the whole structure of reception and storage, civil constructions, structures and other installations, were also accomplished by companies gauchas, benefitting the local industry of Passo Fundo and region, as well as the state.

Find below a picture that shows all soybean processing stage for biodiesel production and other products of the soybean chain that BSBIOS owns in Passo Fundo, producing clean energy and high quality products.